base classes — bpy_struct, Modifier

class bpy.types.BevelModifier(Modifier)

Bevel modifier to make edges and vertices more rounded


Angle above which to bevel edges

Type:float in [0, 3.14159], default 0.0

What edge weight to use for weighting a vertex

Type:enum in [‘AVERAGE’, ‘SHARPEST’, ‘LARGEST’], default ‘AVERAGE’
  • NONE None, Bevel the entire mesh by a constant amount.
  • ANGLE Angle, Only bevel edges with sharp enough angles between faces.
  • WEIGHT Weight, Use bevel weights to determine how much bevel is applied in edge mode.
  • VGROUP Vertex Group, Use vertex group weights to select whether vertex or edge is beveled.
Type:enum in [‘NONE’, ‘ANGLE’, ‘WEIGHT’, ‘VGROUP’], default ‘NONE’

Prefer sliding along edges to having even widths

Type:boolean, default False

Material index of generated faces, -1 for automatic

Type:int in [-1, 32767], default 0

What distance Width measures

  • OFFSET Offset, Amount is offset of new edges from original.
  • WIDTH Width, Amount is width of new face.
  • DEPTH Depth, Amount is perpendicular distance from original edge to bevel face.
  • PERCENT Percent, Amount is percent of adjacent edge length.
Type:enum in [‘OFFSET’, ‘WIDTH’, ‘DEPTH’, ‘PERCENT’], default ‘OFFSET’

The profile shape (0.5 = round)

Type:float in [0, 1], default 0.0

Number of segments for round edges/verts

Type:int in [1, 100], default 0

Clamp the width to avoid overlap

Type:boolean, default False

Bevel verts/corners, not edges

Type:boolean, default False

Vertex group name

Type:string, default “”, (never None)

Bevel value/amount

Type:float in [0, inf], default 0.0
classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass(id, default=None)
Parameters:id (string) – The RNA type identifier.
Returns:The RNA type or default when not found.
Return type:bpy.types.Struct subclass
classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass_py(id, default=None)
Parameters:id (string) – The RNA type identifier.
Returns:The class or default when not found.
Return type:type

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